Cooking Craze

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Become the best chef in the world!


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If you like skill games with a cooking theme, then you'll love playing Cooking Craze as you try to become a master chef. You'll travel all over the world, learning cooking tips from different countries and running a stellar restaurant where you'll cook all your customers' favorite dishes.

The main objective in Cooking Craze is to expand your restaurant chain around the world. To do so, you'll need to open new locations one by one as you slowly gain fame. You'll start by serving doughnuts in New York, where the customers will flock to your shop to devour everything you make. Attend to their needs as quickly as possible to keep them from leaving, while also making sure to remember their orders and keep the food from burning as you get money, new customers, and a better reputation. As you beat levels and improve your skills, you'll find new ingredients that you can add to your recipes to make those dishes more profitable.

Travel to the most famous cities in the world and cook in Paris, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Tokyo, Athens, and Mexico City, among others. Have fun as you discover new plates from each place and cook quickly for hundreds of people all over the world!